Journaling to contact your Higher Self

Journaling is a superb way of starting to channel information from your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self is just the more evolved part you existing in a reality different from the one you are experiencing now. How is that possible?

It is possible because of the known truth that physical realities (your body, our country, the earth, the stars, etc)  are forms of energy held in place by unquestioned deeply consensual assumptions and beliefs, and also by personal beliefs. This means that the physical universe doesn’t actually take up any ‘space.’ All events and all realities exist at the same time…something our minds can’t exactly grasp, but we can still use our logic to draw that conclusion once we accept that Einstein was right when he said (though not in these words):  “All matter is energy.” And many of us have experienced what are called ‘bleed-throughs’ by those who speak about these things – where one reality encroaches on another to some extent and we fleetingly glimpse another occupation of the same space we are used to. Those incidences are recorded by the thousand. I will recount just one example that isn’t all that obvious, but it relates to the same phenomenon.

My then partner and I wanted to spend an evening together watching a movie on television. Hal suggested ‘Gorky Park,’ a detective thriller set in Russia. I told him that we had already seen this movie. “What are you saying?” Hal was completely incredulous; his memory was superbly healthy – what was wrong with me?? I described where we went, what day it was, the time, how we discussed it. No, that didn’t make any sense to him whatsoever. It then occurred to me that what I was witnessing in myself was a memory of an event that did not occur in the reality we were living in that moment.  It was not a dream, either: the details were too clear and consequential for that. Luckily for both of us, we accepted this possibility. We chose to see another movie, and our interest in metaphysics grew beyond mere speculation. Since that time, in the 80’s, I have studied metaphysics, listened to wisdom from advanced masters and became a member of a modern-day Mystery School.

Coming back to the subject: as you sit down to journal and breathe to enter a different mind-set, one more meditative and heart-connected, messages from your Higher Self can easily come to you. Ask what is important for you to know right now, and wait for the answer to come through. Write down anything at all, to get a flow going. What you write to begin with could be rubbish – never mind, keep going. That was how Conversations With God was created by Neale Donald Walsh. He is not more gifted than you or I but he was more devoted to regular journaling.

There you have it for this time.

I hope I have piqued your desire to become more connected to your Higher Self. We are good at guiding you to do that, so consider participating in our Foundational 8-week Course: Who Am I? In any case, check it out HERE.

Blessings of ineffable love from Spirit to you,


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