How to End Personal Karma

How would you like an opportunity to finally, once and for all, end many cycles of endless repetitions of lifetimes filled with struggle?  These struggles and repetitions were the result of unconsciousness: of not learning the Lessons from your experiences, and so attracting them once more into your life.

Your Soul Blueprint carried your requirements for learning forward into lifetime after lifetime…

The good news is that we live in a different time-frame now – a time of vast change and opportunity to move into a different dimension, free of struggle and fear.

You are on the planet at this time because you want to be part of this event – the challenge that the whole of humanity feels – to move to a different way of being and relating with one another, and this is happening one person at a time.

How do you do this? Here are few pointers all of which are doable, but…the ego likes non of them.

  • Become aware of your energy patterns that are not based on love. Do you hate yourself for something? Is some part of yourself not good enough because it doesn’t fit your ego-mind’s idea of what you should be like? You did something bad in the past and now you are not worthy? CHOOSE LOVE INSTEAD. Breathe in the Light of Love that now surrounds us so strongly and is waiting to be acknowledged. Allow Light and Love to penetrate the parts that need healing and the limited ideas that need to be released. As you breathe out, let these be transformed.
  • Breathe, deeply and fully: close your eyes if this is safe to do, breathe in from the belly up with mouth closed, hold for 3 seconds and release the breath through slightly open mouth, so you can hear the sound of the breath leaving. It is a very calming, meditative kind of breath.
  • Become gradually aware of all patterns not based on love: are your relationships harmonious? Harmonising them is a big part of your ending of cycles. Ask your Soul: How can I harmonise my relationships? And the answers will come! Then it takes humility and love to create the joy of having left all acrimony and righteousness, dictated to you by the ego-mind for lifetimes, behind.
  • As part of receiving this gift of a new life, give as well: GIVE TO THE EARTH. CONTINUE TO BREATHE, AND NOW SEND THIS LIGHT AND LOVE TO THE EARTH, AND TO CALL UPON IT with an affirmation: “LIGHT AND LOVE TO ALL,” or words that come to you. Just one minute at a time is enough. See how frequently during the day you can do this. The Earth will receive your gift with gratitude. This kind of giving is the core of creating abundance in all areas of your life.

In short, take a minute here and there during the day to breathe Love into all your patterns, into all your pains, into your environment, onto the earth. From the moment you begin transformation occurs.

The energies of light now present on earth mightily support your efforts.

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