Brightness of Spirit

Brightness of spirit is an endearing quality that is easy to recognise in some people. I notice it in my ex-husband, for instance. Strangely enough he is a confirmed atheist who only recently even considered the remote possibility that essential oils could have any value. Oils in a little bottle? Extracted from plants? At the same time, he struggles to keep a balance with all the medications he is taking for an irregular heartbeat and can’t sleep very well. He is now becoming a cautious convert, since the oils do help him in spite of himself.

In spite of his resistance to admit to the existence of anything beyond the five senses, this man radiates ‘brightness of spirit.’ He is gentle, tolerant, generous to a fault, sees the best in a person and loves, no adores, his daughter and grandchildren. He sometimes wants to put an older head on his daughter and she resists, and this saddens him. It sometimes breaks his heart a little. And yet he will not withdraw his love, his attention, his time, his support, his generosity. And he has learnt to keep his opinions to himself.

All this has made him almost transparent to me. He carries so much Light, unconsciously. Not considering himself to be spiritual in the least, he is entirely without pretence, guile or self-consciousness about his goodness.
I actually don’t know what it means, to have ‘brightness of spirit’ but I see it and appreciate it in people I meet, young, youngish and older. Children exude it in spades, which makes it so nice to be with them.

Perhaps it’s a kind of innocence. Definitely it’s a capacity to love without holding back and without expectation of reward for it. So there it is, perhaps. Brightness of spirit – can it be cultivated? For sure it can. Try loving unstintingly – and then look for that brightness in the reflection of joy you see in another’s eyes.

Brightness to all.

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