Gateway to our series of

Life Changing Journaling Experiences

Journey together with like minded souls who like you, are transitioning to living more fully from their spiritual nature, and be part of our breakthrough course to knowing:

'Who Am I?'

In this 8-week online course you will be guided to write meditatively and discover how to:

Release & Transform

This course will support you to release whatever burdens you are carrying from your past, transform wounds and negative self belief.

Cultivate Soul Connection

Establish and nurture a deeply loving connection with your Soul and experience profound love and compassion

Tools for Transformation

Receive techniques, meditations, exercises and support through our private members group, Creating a safe space for your healing journey. 

Join us for this course and you will receive:

+    Weekly journaling lessons with practice materials, readings and reflection exercises

+    Optional exercises that deepen the content and allow you to go at your own pace

+    Guided visualisations and meditations to support you on your journey

+    Your own copy of Carla van Raay's book Healing from Abuse: A Practical Spiritual Guide

+    Exclusive invitation to our online members group to connect with other students &           receive ongoing support and love on your journey

Your Free Mini Course is Here

Want to learn more about abundance and how to attract it. In this mini journaling course we share with you a different take on abundance that is truly transformative. 

How you progress through the 8-week course:

Read stories and articles that often contain metaphor, and respond to them in writing, growing in awareness as you do this

Write in your special notebook everyday as you answer questions you don't usually ask yourself, and take note of changes in the way you think and feel

Sink into meditative experiences and feel deeply into 'Who You Are'

Listen to suggested relaxing and uplifting music as you write

Expect to work closely with Unseen Friends and Loving Energies, able and willing to assist you

Take advantage of offers of personal coaching or mentoring

Receive full support with live fortnightly video calls and email us directly as you progress through the course

Receive bonus items that may add extra depth and momentum to your journey, if you feel inspired to use them

Receive weekly downloadable course material which is yours to keep and use again and again for the rest of your life

About Carla van Raay

Carla is the author of God's Callgirl, the memoir that has captivated readers since 2004. This story of a life lived as a result of early childhood sexual abuse has now been followed by  Healing from Abuse a Practical Spiritual Guide, based on a lifetime of learning about what heals and what does not, and why.  

Journal writing is a skilful process if it is to be used as a tool for emotional healing and personal growth. Carla is putting her own skills and experience at the service of others via her mentoring and journaling programs. Click here to visit Carla's website.

Carla has two daughters and four grandchildren, all living south of the city of Perth in Western Australia. The youngest ones are only four and seven! The older ones now 19 and 21.

Remember that this is a time when moving to a higher consciousness is mightily supported by your Soul, Higher Self and the Universe, and that the unseen loving Beings who inspired you to be here are constantly with you. 

You are definitely not alone on your journey!

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